DRR 50

Sophisticated Baby ATV with lots of safety features for the youngest pilots and future champions. Wider and more stable than most other ATVs in this category, easy to use, low center of gravity, variator and an electric starter is the ideal source of unforgettable fun for active kids. Thanks to thoughtful design and seamless driving characteristics on the ATV teach your child much more than in other children’s quad bikes.


Small pilots will instantly fall in love with a lively two-stroke engine with enough power for all-day rampage. Automatic lubrication automatically adjusts the optimal dose ratio of oil depending on load and engine speed. Simple and reliable engine contributes to low weight quads and low maintenance.


Most ATVs are good children just learning the basics, but by their ability to end – how your child is accelerating, they become dangerous. Access DRR 100 but has in store more and more new capabilities that make your child learns and improves constantly. It is broader and more stable, and allows secure cornering without risk of overturning. Quality suspension nevyrazí child handlebars of his hands and put a smile on your face.


The automatic transmission allows the child to fully concentrate on driving without having to distract his attention shifting. Another advantage of the automatic transmission is that the crackdown engine during acceleration is completely smooth and without any interruption of tractive force during shifting. The rear wheels are driven by a chain, which is in places where a baby could come into contact, safely covered.

Front and rear suspension

Quality spring and damper units, rear progressive spring pětipolohově are adjustable depending on the profile and performance of tracks on the speed and performance of a child. Long-stroke suspension and dampers optimally matched to iron all the bumps, the ride is most enjoyable and safe. Fully independent front suspension in double wishbone arm allows perfect traction wheels and thus optimum maneuverability while cornering.

Braking system

Rear braking system with disc front and drum brakes is sufficiently sized and easy to use with hand levers on the handlebars. Foot treads to remain free and unhindered, minimizing the possibility of slipping baby’s feet and allow safe movement while riding.

Racing seat

Uncompromising approach is reflected in the design of the saddle. This shape allows easy weight shifting and provides excellent support while driving. It is also comfortable enough, so there smiling baby can spend the whole day. We thought for a non-slip coating for safe driving in the wet and mud.


Although fun stretched until sunset, with DRR 100, your child will still clearly visible on the road. With efficient reflector front and rear perfectly visible light can safely find their way home even in low light.


U 100 quad DRR placed great emphasis on safety. Thanks to the many safety features as quad itself helps keep your child safe while driving. The most important safety features include: covered drive chain,  the possibility of limiting the maximum speed,  simple and clear operation,  safe brakes, easy to use levers,  rounded edges of plastic without sharp edges,  functional lighting front and rear  wall floor anti-slip treads without disturbing the brake pedal,  low center of gravity and good cushioning.

Do not ride on this ATV child  without helmets, gloves, boots, clothes and proper elbow and knee pads. 

This ATV is not approved for driving in two for road traffic and public roads.



Motor type: two-stroke single cylinder
Volume: 49.8 cc
Bore / Stroke: Ø40 x 39.2
A compression ratio: 11.9
Cooling: air
Ignition: CDI
Starter: electric, back foot
Carburetor: Sun World PWK 21

Drive system

Drive: rear axle
Transmission: CVT variator (no return)
Final drive ratio: chain


Suspension front: independent A-arm
Rear Suspension: joined (swingarm)
Suspension front: hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear Suspension: hydraulic shock
Brakes front: 2x drum
Brakes Rear: 1x 220 mm hydraulic disc
Tires front: AT 19 x 7-8
Rear tires: AT 18 x 9.5 – 8

Dimensions and weight

Total length: 1470 mm
Overall width: 1110 mm
Total height: 970 mm
Seat height: 700 mm
Light height: 170 mm
wheelbase: 1010 mm
Dry weight: 122 kg
Fuel tank: 5 l